Talent Attraction and Retention

Forklift operator

Commanding attraction: In a demanding global marketplace, workforce quality and agility can provide a critical edge, so creating an inventory of assets that attract young and skilled workers is equally critical. And in Thomson-McDuffie, we’re building a more robust inventory every day.


A fortified economy: It begins with the great jobs and economic assurance provided by an active industrial sector and the continued growth of Fort Gordon, where the new Cyber Center of Excellence and other central military operations are attracting related business interests from across the globe.


An Archway Partnership Community, a gateway to growth: Building a stronger community is also key, and for that Thomson-McDuffie is turning to evidence-based practices. As one of Georgia’s Archway Communities, McDuffie is drawing on the collaborative resources of University of Georgia to create improvements such as strengthening the alignment of high school curriculum to better meet the needs of local industry; expanding the community’s leadership base; enhancing community health and wellness; and strengthening the city’s image. Workers here enjoy the support of a community that’s not just growing, but also growing stronger with more vibrant community bonds.


Natural appeal: The positive effects of the Archway initiative are amplified by the area’s strong natural appeal for millennials and skilled workers: An area where low costs and low congestion, great schools and neighborhoods, help nurture young families in a more stress-free environment, while the urban attractions of Augusta are just minutes away. And Thomson-McDuffie’s recreational appeal is as immense as the beautiful lakes, rivers and natural areas that grace our landscape.


The inviting inventory of Thomson-McDuffie assets is one more way we are assuring the future for both our workers and our industry.